May 21, 2015

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6 Tips for Renting Cars Abroad

Top-Car-Rental-Services-in-Dubai-UAEPlanning to travel abroad isn’t always that simple. In involves lots of preparation and patience. Especially, if you are accustomed to going everywhere by car it may be a real challenge to find yourself having to well use the subway or the bus. Anyhow, an easy solution would be to rent a car. However, there are a few things you should have in mind before setting out to rent a car abroad. Here are top six tips for renting cars abroad.
1. Choose Rental Company
In order to pick the best possible option, before you arrive to the country of your stay, make sure you go online and check different possibilities and options which are offered to you and choose the best car rental company. Choose the one which is the most suitable for you, and avoid any rental companies that do not hand out proper paperwork in order to keep out of unnecessary trouble.

2. Choose a Car
A lot of people will generally choose a mid-size car for the rental. It is also a good idea to choose a smaller car. Choose the one which suits your needs the best. You should probably avoid some large SUVs. Large cars are not as manageable on most of Europe’s narrow roads, for example. Therefore, do some research of the place you are staying and make sure you have chosen the option most suitable for you in the given circumstances.
3. Place and time
You will pay unnecessary money if you choose to rent your car on the airport, or arrange for the car to wait for you at the airport. Instead, choose the rental company in the city and choose the car on the spot. This will save you money, for sure.
4. Insurance
At the car rental company you will be offered the insurance. It is of course is up to you whether you will take it, however bear in mind that sometimes the employees might make some pressure in order for you to choose to pay for insurance fees which are unnecessary in most cases, especially if your travel insurance already covers some of these aspects.
5. Tank
Before you take the car ask the car rental company to fill the tank to the top, if this is not included in the price then look at the reservoir and make sure you return it filled as much as you have received it with, it is a polite and decent thing to do.
6. Rules and regulations
Before you drive a car around a foreign country, make sure you inform yourself on the rules and regulations concerning driving and make sure you are not disrespecting any laws unknowingly. In some cases you may need a special permit of you are younger than 25 or older than 65. Anyhow, if you make some inquiries before you head out you will definitely keep yourself out of unnecessary trouble and respect the laws of the country you are visiting.

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